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Mindfulness Therapy

Anxiety narrows our view of what is possible. With mindfulness, we can blow it wide open.

Don’t just do something; sit there!

Mindfulness is more than body scans and relaxation exercises.

It’s a major shift in the way you see yourself and the world.

I discovered mindfulness in college through yoga, but it took almost two decades for me to truly understand and believe that it was helping me. And it wasn’t helping me the way I thought…

I’ve already tried

Don’t worry, I always eat the M&M too. 

For many people, mindfulness is a body scan or deep breathing exercise you throw in at the end of a staff meeting. It’s like M&Ms in ice cream–it never really melts in. This is like the “mindfulness” you might encounter at work or on social media: Tips and tricks, in isolation.

I think that’s selling mindfulness short. When mindfulness becomes a way of being, not just a trendy hobby, real change happens. And even better than that: Real acceptance happens.

Do I have to chant or do weird woo-woo stuff?

Not unless you want to. Mindfulness-based therapy is more about becoming aware of what’s going on inside and outside your body, accepting hard things, and finding space for the billion different thoughts and feelings buzzing around in your head every day. Sure, there are exercises we can do, but that’s the means, not the end. (See M&Ms, above)

So what will we do?

We’ll talk, yes. And for a while, it might look (from the outside) like that’s all we’re doing.

But don’t worry, it’s more legitimate than it sounds: 

The first few times we meet, you’ll bring me into your world. We’ll lay it all out so we can see things more clearly. And we’ll sort through the tangles and decide which threads to pull first

Then, we’ll start “working through” the issues. You’ll practice a lot of noticing, and you’ll see connections you didn’t see before.

I’ll help you decide which things you want to change, and which you can accept. There may even be a few things you want to celebrate along the way.

You’ll shape your pain and fear into something meaningful, learn how to feel more grounded and centered amidst the inevitable chaos of life, and identify and satisfy your very human needs.

And the whole time, underneath the surface, you’ll be cultivating awareness, presence, and insight in a holistic, comprehensive way that illuminates the authentic self and prepares you for deep understanding and peace

Whoa. Cool, right?

And ok, I might throw in an M&M exercise–if you ask nicely.

“The heart is very much like the sea; it has its storms, it has its tides, and in its depths, it has its pearls too."

– Vincent van Gogh